Hi, I’m Joyce, also known as Jo or Jewell.

I figure it’s time we began living the life we were meant to live. Speaking for myself, of course.

I’ve blogged for a long time. My blogs have evolved. I’ve experimented and tried to figure out this sweet mystery of life. A thank you to all who have come along, and to you new guys, join the fun.

Time is slipping away faster than otters on a creek bank, and if you watch those little guys play it will tickle your tummy. We ought to play like that.

At least we can stick with the positive, and negate the negative. So, let’s do it. Any input, lay it on us.

When we lived in Hawaii, and I learned about living Aloha, I thought, how beautiful, a land with a slogan. Aloha. “Do good without expecting anything in return.”

We don’t always obtain that lofty goal, but isn’t that what a motto is for–to hold a carrot before us?