Let's Get Approximate

I had a much-loved friend who is gone now, who wrote a song titled, “Let’s Get Appropriate, Think of the Praise We’ll Get.”

Maybe we should get inappropriate.

Like, don’t you smell a dead rat in all this media coverage of Covid-19?

I’m not minimizing that people have a right and reason to be afraid. Heavens, all hell is breaking loose. I’m saying that the media wants to keep it a disaster, and that smells.

I came out with this positivity blog on the cusp of a National Disaster, and noticed that few people clicked on it. I thought they didn’t want to visit Aloha, (even in Paradise rats die, and dead ones smell.) But this not about me or my blog, or swaying palms, or dreams of a tropical island. We’re all afraid, worried, and trying to protect ourselves and our family.

It’s hard to hear the birds sing when we have toilet paper in our ears.

One thing we could be happy for is that air pollution has dropped 60% IN ONE WEEK. I bet the planet is taking a good breath.

And penguins get to play in an empty Zoo. How cool is that?

And Jack Canfield posted good news that is coming out about the Covid-19 virus. I posted it on https://www.travelswithjo.com.

Here’s this week’s quick trip around the homestead: The flowers are breathing free, the hens are happy.

My office on wheels behind the magnolia tree.
And a dust bath in the sun feels fantastic.